EEOC Reads Title VII To Include Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act does not explicitly ban discrimination against employees based on sexual orientation. However, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has recently filed two cases that take the position that sexual orientation discrimination is discrimination on the basis of sex under Title VII.

EEOC v Scott Medical Health Center

The EEOC filed a case against Scott Medical Center contending that a gay male employee was being harassed because of his sexual orientation, and that this was discrimination on the basis of sex.

EEOC v Pallet Companies, dba IFCO Systems NA

In a case filed against Pallet Companies, doing business as IFCO Systems NA, the EEOC contended that a lesbian female employee was harassed by her supervisor because of the employee’s sexual orientation, which in the eyes of the EEOC is discrimination on the basis of sex.

Sexual Orientation Discrimination Attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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