War Stories

Forty years of practicing law provides quite a few war stories. Here are a few.

Racism Against Truck Drivers Ended - With the Help of CNN

Several years ago (2009) several employees of the City of Philadelphia came to see me. They were sanitation truck drivers, all African American. They insisted that their terminal supervisor, who was white, had arranged a separate bathroom for African American… Read More

Sexual Harassment of Employees Stopped

Several employees from one medium sized company had filed sexual harassment charges against the supervisory staff over a period of two years. I eventually handled all the cases because my clients told their coworkers that they were pleased with my representati… Read More

New Life After Termination in Age Discrimination Case

A woman I represented in an age discrimination case was terminated after 30 years on the job. As is often the case, this occurred after her company was sold. She was replaced by a manager one half her age. Many depositions were taken, but as we were picking a… Read More

Settlement for African American Woman Who Was Demoted

Recently, I represented an African American woman who worked for one employer for 25 years. A new boss came to her department and it was obvious that he was a bigot. My client, who had always received promotions and raises, was demoted. After a year of effort,… Read More