Howard took a case of mine to trial. He got more money for me than I ever expected.

– C.B.

Our boss let white employees use a clean bathroom, and made the black employees use another bathroom, which was on another floor and not cleaned. Howard forced the boss to stop and we got a money settlement.

– Les Y.

My employer demoted me after 25 years of service. My lawyer Howard took the case and I was ecstatic about the settlement.

– Martha P.

I worked as an attorney for an insurance company. From what I saw it looked like the claims department wanted to get rid of all the lawyers who were over fifty and replace them with young lawyers. Eventually I was fired and started looking for an employment attorney to represent me. Other attorneys did not want to battle an insurance company, but Howard Trubman took the case, and after a lot of hard work, I received a cash settlement and my dignity was restored.

– P.B.

My supervisor tried to force me to have sex with him. I fought him off and the case was resolved for a large amount of money. My lawyer fought for me.

– Tiffany W.

I was a 30-year employee when my boss sold the company. I am black and was in my fifties when this happened. I was replaced by a 28-year-old white man. I sued and the case was settled while a jury was being selected. I received a six-figure settlement.

– Kathy S.

I had worked as a secretary in a large accounting firm for about 10 years. A new boss came in and he started telling a few of the secretaries that he liked the way we dressed. He started leaving unsigned notes on my desk, but I knew who they were from. I spoke to him about leaving me alone, but he wouldn’t. He kept asking me for a date and I kept telling him no. Later, when everyone else got a raise, I did not.

I had to leave because he was after me almost every day. Before I left, I met with Mr. Trubman. He approached the firm confidentially and they offered a decent settlement, which I took.

– Former Client