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You shouldn't have to be afraid to go to work for fear of sexual harassment. Pennsylvania state and federal laws protect employees from sexual stress in the workplace. If you are facing a hostile work environment, the Employment Law Firm of Pennsylvania can represent you with your employer, regulatory agencies, and in court, to protect you and your rights.

Pennsylvania Human Relations Act

Employers in Pennsylvania must protect their employees from unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical sexual conduct. When sexual hostility affects your employment or your workplace, you may have a claim under state law. Your boss should never:

  • Make sexual conduct a condition of employment, whether expressed or implied;
  • Base hiring, firing, pay, or promotion decisions on your openness to or rejection of sexual advances; or
  • Allow sexual harassment to create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment.

If your employer has made sexual harassment a part of your work life, the Employment Law Firm of Pennsylvania can help you can file a complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission or in state court. You can seek reinstatement, changes in employer policies, and sometimes money damages.

Federal Sexual Harassment Law

In the federal courts, sexual harassment is closely related to sex or gender discrimination. It is against federal law for an employer to harass an applicant or employee because of that person's sex. Unlike the state law, federal harassment claims do not need to be sexual in nature. They only have to relate to a person's sex. For example, an employer may not make offensive statements that an employee is not "manly" enough for the job.

Workplace harassment doesn't have to come from the top down either. You should be free from harassment by supervisors, coworkers, and even clients or customers. If your employer doesn't take reasonable steps to stop the harassment, you may have a sexual harassment claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Hire the Employment Law Firm of Pennsylvania

If you are facing sexual harassment in the workplace, the Employment Law Firm of Pennsylvania will help you negotiate with your employer, decide between state and federal court, and file a complaint with the right agency. Don't endure sexual harassment any longer. Contact the Employment Law Firm of Pennsylvania today for a free phone consultation. They will help you restore dignity to your workplace.