I had worked as a secretary in a large accounting firm for about 10 years. A new boss came in and he started telling a few of the secretaries that he liked the way we dressed. He started leaving unsigned notes on my desk, but I knew who they were from. I spoke to him about leaving me alone, but he wouldn’t. He kept asking me for a date and I kept telling him no. Later, when everyone else got a raise, I did not.

I had to leave because he was after me almost every day. Before I left, I met with Mr. Trubman. He approached the firm confidentially and they offered a decent settlement, which I took.

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When trouble in the workplace grows into an employment lawsuit, you need an employment lawyer you can trust to walk you through the process. Founder Howard Trubman has been practicing employment law for over 40 years. He has seen it all and has ridde…

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