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Your Rights as a Pregnant Woman in Philadelphia: Part 2

Welcome back to our blog series, all about your rights as a pregnant employee. Becoming pregnant doesn’t mean you have to leave the workplace any longer. Living in the 21st century gives women many more opportunities when it comes to their careers.… Read More
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Your Rights as a Pregnant Woman in Philadelphia: Part 1

Becoming pregnant means there is a lot that will be changing in your world. You have a new life you need to begin to worry about and plan for. Tasks, like arranging schedules, doctor appointments, and eating extremely healthy is going to take over yo… Read More
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Signs to Contact an Employment Lawyer for Pregnancy Discrimination: Part 2

If you have been keeping up with our blog, we have been going over signs you should be paying attention to within the workplace when you are pregnant. Pregnancy should be an exciting and joyful time in your life, your job shouldn’t make you fee… Read More
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Signs to Contact an Employment Lawyer for Pregnancy Discrimination

Having a baby is a joyous occasion. You are welcoming a new member of the family with the person you love, and starting or continuing to grow a family of your own. However, you love your job as much as you love your family and being pregnant shouldn… Read More
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Picking The Right Employment Lawyer

Some things in life are more of an investment than others. If you buy a knockoff appliance and it breaks down a month after purchase, that’s a bummer, but you can always buy a better model. But when it comes to picking the right employment lawyer,… Read More
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When Have You Been Wrongfully Terminated?

For an employment lawyer, one of the most common scenarios is when they are contacted by someone who has been recently fired from their place of employment. Their would-be client swears up and down that they were a model employee, their company fired… Read More
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Tips For Responding to Sexual Harassment-Part 2

There’s a tragic reason why the profession of sexual harassment lawyer is necessary. Every year, thousands of people experience unwanted romantic or sexual advances, offensive touching, sexual blackmail, harassment via email or social media, and ma… Read More
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Tips For Avoiding Workplace Discrimination Claims-Part 2

Let’s say you’re getting a business off the ground. You’ve struggled to create a viable business plan, and now you think you’re on your way. Maybe your company has been growing steadily, and you think you can weather any storm that approaches… Read More
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Tips For Your Company's Social Media Policy

When it comes to social media, in a lot of ways we’re in uncharted territory. On the one hand, Facebook has 214 million users in America, and Twitter has 67 million American users. This quickly shows us that a massive number of us have some degree… Read More
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