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Employers are constantly coming up with new ways to short-change their employees out of their fair wages. But federal and state laws protect employees and make sure they are paid what they deserve.

Illegal Deductions

Your employer can deduct some things, like taxes, union dues, or court-ordered payments, from your paycheck. But those deductions don't have anything to do with the work itself. You are the victim of wage theft if your employer deducts wages from your pay to cover:

  • Gas,
  • Equipment rental,
  • Uniforms, or
  • Supplies.

Nor is your boss allowed to make you pay for those items out of pocket, or take money out of your pay to cover cash register losses, damage to employer property, or alleged theft.

Tip Theft

If you are a tipped employee, like a waitress or hairdresser, your employer is not allowed to dip into your tips. However, you may be required to share or pool your tips with other employees, depending on company policy.

Hour Shorting

You are entitled to be paid for all the work you do for an employer. Sometimes, a boss will short your hours by not counting time you spend:

  • Traveling between places of business or on-site jobs;
  • On-call; or
  • Working before or after your shift.

Because these times are not recorded, they often go unpaid. Depending on the nature of your work and the circumstances in your workplace, that could add up to hours of your time going unpaid.

Delayed Payment

Your employer is required to pay you promptly. In Pennsylvania, non-salaried workers must be paid at least twice a month, unless their contract says otherwise. They must be paid regularly, on specific paydays, within 15 days of the end of the pay period.

Problems with delayed wage payment happen most often in small businesses, where employers can sometimes short or postpone paying their employees in favor of other bills. When that happens, the Employment Law Firm Group will step in and fight for you to receive the payment you deserve, in a timely way, and with interest.

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