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Does your employer require you to work off the clock? Do you get paid for time you spend preparing for the job? Unpaid overtime is the most common violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Many Pennsylvania employees have valid claims for unpaid overtime because of various schemes that employers use to keep money in their pocket, and not in yours.

Are You Covered?

Almost all employees of private businesses and government workers are covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act and by Pennsylvania state laws.

What Can You Recover for Unpaid Overtime?

In a case brought by a private attorney, it was held that you can collect compensatory damages (the wages you are actually owed), liquidated damages (an additional award equal to your lost wages), the costs involved in bringing your case, and attorney fees.

Paths to Recovery

Employees can file their unpaid overtime claims in Court through their private attorney. The Employment Law Firm Group will stand up for you and your rights under state and federal law in court, and get you the unpaid wages and penalties you deserve.

Hire the Employment Law Firm Group

Unpaid overtime can add up to a lot of money not in your pocket. Don't let your employer take advantage of your time. If you have reason to believe your employer is playing games to deprive you of your earned wages, contact the Employment Law Firm Group today to schedule a consultation.