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If you have been denied a job because of the color of your skin, it can be utterly humiliating. It is also illegal. Race discrimination is prohibited by Title VII and the Pennsylvania Human Resources Act. But that doesn't stop some employers from hiring and firing with ethnicity in mind. The Employment Law Firm of Pennsylvania can help you cut through the racial bias and get the position you deserve.

Conduct Included in Race Discrimination

It can be hard to prove that an employment decision was based on race. The symptoms of racial discrimination can include poor treatment based on:

  • Physical attributes (hair color or texture, skin color, facial features);
  • Marriage to or association with people of a given race; or
  • Association with race-based organizations.

Prohibited Racial Discrimination

State and federal law protects employees from discriminatory treatment on the job. Employers may not use race to decide whether to hire, fire, promote, or train employees. Bosses can't consider race when setting pay, benefits, or schedules either.

The law also prevents racial harassment by supervisors, coworkers, or clients and customers. Employees can file complaints any time they are subjected to a pattern of offensive behavior connected to race or ethnicity, including racial slurs. Before an employee can file a complaint, the harassment must be severe enough to create a hostile work environment or result in a negative employment decision.

Who Is Covered?

Race discrimination doesn't mean there has to be more than one race involved. A victim and an employer can be of the same race, as long as the employment decision was based on racial stereotypes or bias. That applies to any race. There is no such thing as reverse discrimination. When a white person faces discrimination, he or she has all the same remedies as a member of a minority group.

Enforcing Race Discrimination Laws

If you have been the victim of racial discrimination the Employment Law Firm of Pennsylvania can help you file complaints with the Human Relations Commission for Pennsylvania, or the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Both these agencies hold administrative hearings to decide whether race discrimination has occurred. If the agencies do not grant any remedies, the employment attorneys can help you to file a lawsuit against your employer to get the recovery you need.

Hire the Employment Law Firm of Pennsylvania

No one should have to put up with race discrimination at work. If you have been harmed by a racially biased employment decision, contact the Employment Law Firm of Pennsylvania to schedule a consultation today.