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Just because you have a mental or physical disability doesn't mean you can't do your job. Whether you are seeking accommodations at work or have lost a job to disability discrimination, the Employment Law Firm Group can work with your employers, regulators, and the courts to get you the help you need to continue working with dignity.

Seeking Reasonable Accommodations

The ADA protects workers even before there has been an adverse employment decision. Often, a qualified employee will need some accommodation to do their job because of a medical condition. For example, a cashier with a knee problem may need a chair at her register. An diabetic receptionist may need periodic breaks to check his insulin levels or maintain his blood sugar. These accommodations would not unduly burden an employer.

Reasonable accommodations can also include adjustments in scheduling. If your disability requires regular treatment, for example, you can request adjustments to your work schedule to allow you to attend those appointments. If, over time, your abilities become more limited, you can also request to be transferred to another, open position, that meets your medical restrictions.

The ADA prohibits employers from hiring, firing, promoting, or otherwise discriminating against employees just because of a disability. Still, far too many employers think they can get away with denying requests for reasonable accommodations simply by getting rid of the disabled employee. The Employment Law Firm Group can pressure employers to comply with the law, or file administrative complaints to get you the accommodations you need to continue working in spite of your disability.

Who is Covered?

The ADA protects anyone who has a physical or mental disability, has a history of disability, or even isthought to have a disability. For example, if your employer fires you because you "seem depressed" you may have a claim. As long as you would be able to do the job with reasonable accommodations, the Employment Law Firm Group can help you be compensated for your loss.

Enforcing the Americans with Disabilities Act

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is in charge of enforcing the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you have been the victim of disability discrimination the Employment Law Firm Group will help you file a complaint, make your case in front of an administrative law judge, and, if necessary, take your case to court.

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Just because you have a mental or physical disability doesn't mean you aren't employable. The right employment attorney can help preserve your dignity and keep you on the job longer. Contact the Employment Law Firm of Pennsylvania to schedule an appointment today.