Signs to Contact an Employment Lawyer for Pregnancy Discrimination: Part 2

If you have been keeping up with our blog, we have been going over signs you should be paying attention to within the workplace when you are pregnant. Pregnancy should be an exciting and joyful time in your life, your job shouldn't make you feel otherwise. Furthermore, your employer should be treating you the same as anyone else with a short term disability, since you will need to handle your condition with care. If you feel your employer, boss, or supervisor has been less than fair, you may be going through pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, and should contact our employment lawyer.

At Employment Law Firm of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, we don’t take any type of employment discrimination lightly. Our law team is here and will do everything in their power to get you the justice you deserve. Being discriminated against for unlawful reasons is never ok in the eyes of law. Call us for your free consultation today.

In this post, we are going to continue listing some signs to pay close attention to if you are expecting. Remember, each case is different. Make sure you are talking to your employer first. If there is no change in your new treatment than it might be time to open a case.

Know When to Call an Employment Lawyer for Your Pregnancy

Not Being Offered Training or Education

Some companies offer various training throughout the year as well as educational opportunities you can take advantage of. If you feel before you were pregnant you had much more opportunities regarding this aspect of your job and now you feel it slipping away, it may be due to your pregnancy. Now that you're pregnant your work is taking a backslide, as far as progress goes, and your boss is giving you fewer chances to be involved in new projects, seminars, or training, you want to get to the bottom of why. Sometimes, your employer may be trying to help you by letting you focus more on this new personal venture. Other times, this can be discrimination because you are pregnant. If you feel it’s the latter, speak with our employment lawyer today.

Not Being Offered a Promotion

This is another instance where silence is the enemy. If before you were pregnant there were talks about finally getting you the promotion you deserve, your boss seemed all for it and really excited for you to step up to the plate, but now, the talks of that career move have ceased. Being pregnant should not hinder you from career advancements, as long as you are continuing to work hard and excel at your current position. If you feel you still deserve the promotion and are not being offered it, you may need to take matters into your own hands.

Not Being Invited Out To Work Events

Before you were pregnant you were very close with your coworkers. You were always going to networking events, social gatherings, and other fun events after hours. Now that you're pregnant, your social life has taken a dive. Most women think it’s because they can’t consume alcohol during this period. However, there are plenty of people at work who may not drink but still go to these important events. Knowing of a gathering for work that you are not being invited to can be alarming. When you are not able to participate in your role like everyone else, you should be taking note, as this can be a discrimination tactic. If you find you're being left out more times than not, it may be time to address the issue. One way is to directly talk to your coworkers and manager. If you feel they may be giving you the runaround, then call our employment lawyers in Philadelphia to get the answers you need and deserve.

Call an Employment Lawyer You can Trust

Trying to figure out if you are being discriminated against because of your pregnancy can be tricky to figure out on your own. If you feel your whole employment environment has shifted, and for the worse, that may be the sign you need. Being pregnant does not warrant mistreatment in the workplace, such as extensive negative remarks and feedback, not having the same opportunities as others, and feeling disrespected. If you have taken the correct measures and contacted your HR department and behaviors still aren’t changing, call for your free consultation today. At Employment Law Firm of Pennsylvania, we are here for all your legal needs. Our employment lawyer is well- versed in many different employment laws, and will attempt to get the justice you deserve. If you believe you are being mistreated in the workplace because you are pregnant, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals in Philadelphia, today. Keep checking back at our blog for our next post about the rights of pregnant women within any workplace environment.