Signs to Contact an Employment Lawyer for Pregnancy Discrimination

Having a baby is a joyous occasion. You are welcoming a new member of the family with the person you love, and starting or continuing to grow a family of your own. However, you love your job as much as you love your family and being pregnant shouldn’t have to jeopardize you choosing between the two. Unfortunately, discrimination in the workplace due to pregnancy is a very real thing, and you should know what to look for in case you need further assistance from a professional employment lawyer in Philadelphia.

At Employment Law Firm of Pennsylvania, we want to make sure you are not going through unfair behavior or mistreatment at the workplace during this delicate time. You have rights just like everyone, and if you feel you are being harassed, mistreated, or discriminated against, you need to give our employment lawyer a call. We offer free phone consultations and are here to listen to your concerns. We will attempt to come up with a solution to rectify your employer's discrimination. Having a baby is an exciting time, you shouldn’t have to lose a job you enjoy because of it.

In this post, we are going to go over some signs to pay attention to and recognize in case you are being discriminated against for your pregnancy, childbirth, or maternity leave.

Know When to Call Employment Lawyer for Your Pregnancy

You Feel Like You’re Being Targeted

Before you were pregnant, you and you boss had a wonderful and professional relationship. They were open to your ideas and suggestions, and they were always courteous and polite in manner. If you are pregnant and all of a sudden your boss's attitude switches drastically, you may have a case. If an employer or supervisor is starting to become more hostile and have an overall disrespectful attitude towards you because you are pregnant, this is illegal. If you notice this is recurring, pay close attention. Keep note of every time you feel singled out and discriminated against. Having this information can help our employment lawyer have more evidence that may prove there is wrongdoing going on in your work environment, due to your new condition.

All Your Feedback is Negative

Previously, you have been praised for your hard work and have gotten profound reviews. When you have received feedback for a job or task it was always done in a way that was respectful and pleasant. Now that you are pregnant, you have received much negative feedback. Not only is it negative, it is also given as a sign of disrespect and coldness. If this is a scenario you are currently dealing with, this could be a case of discrimination. Keep on file all the negative feedback you have received. Good practice is to compare your previous work to your current, to see if there truly is a difference. If there is not, this may mean you are being hassled because you are with child. The best way to know for sure is to get your free consultation from our employment lawyer in Philadelphia.

A Raise Has Not Occurred

While you need to pay attention to things that are happening around you, you also need to be aware of what it isn’t happening as well. One thing to be cautious of is not receiving a raise. If before you got pregnant you were discussing a raise with your boss and HR department, and then the conversation has stopped because you are pregnant, this is something to be concerned about. If you are pregnant and it is your year review and everyone within your employment gets a raise but yourself, this could definitely be discrimination. Now, if your work productivity has gone down and your work hasn’t been up to par, this is a totally different scenario. However, if your work has stayed consistent, your attendance has been on par, and you were up for a raise regardless, it may be time to give our employment lawyer a call.

You’re not Receiving Important Emails or Going to Meetings

If you had always been an employee who received important company emails and all of sudden they have stopped coming, this can be a red flag. When your inbox begins to dwindle, this can be a sign of being left out of important information, due to your pregnancy.

Additionally, if your calendar seems lighter these days, you need to figure out why, Sometimes, work meetings take place about what will happen on your maternity leave and who will cover the workload, this is totally normal and usually expected. However, if you seem to feel like you are being left out of meetings and email chains that have importance to your position and work, this can be a sign of discrimination.

With all these instances, you must take them with a grain of salt. Sometimes, the workplace and team are wanting to lessen your workload to help you out and keep you less stressed. It is important to talk with your employer to see why you are being excluded, have received negative feedback, or a bad attitude. If you don’t get an answer, then you may want to take further action.

Coming to the Employment Law Firm of Pennsylvania, and speaking with our employment lawyer in Philadelphia, will hopefully bring you the clarity you need. If you feel you are being unfairly treated due to having a baby, please don’t hesitate to call our law firm. Our lawyer is compassionate, trustworthy, and will do everything they can to get you the justice you deserve. Check back for our next blog with more signs to look out for while pregnant at the workplace.